EXPO Shanghai 2010 – dome projection

This documentary shows the second of two videoprojections we did for the World Expo in Shanghai in 2012. To ensure a videoprojection on a 30 meter large dome, 8 projectors were used and the film was accompanied by a 16 channel sound installation. Needles to describe how impressive it was to stand “in” this film at the end.
The first sound tests with this monstrum were quite convincing: the bass blew up the image distortion of almost all the beamers. The image distortion had been done during the last 4 days and was suddenly gone, with just one beat. By the way, putting the projectors and the sub woofers on the same shell, is typical custom in Shanghai, you should really be thankful for it.
The entire film is made with After Effects, some 3D elements (thx Hotte), on the base of some wonderfull Matte paintings (thx Benjamin) and with the help of two brave interns (thx Falko and Christian). Yes, this was the entire creative crew.
I fully take all and absolutely no responsibility for the end of the film – There are moments in life, where kitsch is unavoidable.

Art Direction – Daniel Wangen
All the rest – Triad Berlin GmbH

Under the roof

Dimension_2Video projections, are with the exception of the prince of Bahrain, the most difficult thing to document in this world. Thanks a lot for this Photo:

Photo – F.Roesner

Film Stills









Art Direction – Daniel Wangen
All the rest – Triad Berlin GmbH