Michelberger Hotel – projection mapping

This documentation shows a video projection created for the opening evening of the Michelberger Hotel, on the 26th September 2009, in Berlin.

The projection is separated in two parts. The first one serves as a background illumination, as it is meant to fit into the concept of the entire evening. In other words, it should have a special look and highlight the hotel.

The second part, the part where music gets active, is my contribution to the video contest project for the experimental “Ghosts” Album by Trend Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), announced in 2008 and to my knowing, never finished.

Video projection – Daniel Wangen
Sound – Trentemoeller, Nine Inch Nails
Beamers – Beamaround Berlin
Place – Hotel Michelberger Berlin



This is the teaser for an event, that I planned with the Michelberger Hotel and the Kaleidoskop Solistenensemble for the summer of 2010.
Unfortunately, due to external conditions the project was never carried out.

Animation – Daniel Wangen