Best of Ausbildung – workshop

This is the first of a series of 25 short clips we made to promote different apprenticeships in cooperation with the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft.

The idea for this video was to build the logo out of different materials that describe the apprenticeships we were going to film all over Germany. While building it, we filmed the different steps and put them together in a “quick cut” style, inspired by films like “Snatch”- 2000 Guy Ritchie. This first video then served as a style guide for the rest of the videos.

The students who participated on this project are:

Sebastian Gaissert, Birte Buß, Felix Schroeder, Jasna Romann, Lukas Hahn, Marcus Wolfschmidt, Maria Gysi, Pit Bredimus, Silke Meya, Steffi Lockner, Maximiliane Wadler, Charlotte Buehler.

Convincing a state official

With this video we pitched our idea to the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Forschung on our first and only meeting.

After Christian Mahler, Dean of BTK, made a 2 minute expresso speach about Motion Design in general (he does that about 10 times a day at BTK anyway), we showed this clip. No powerpoint, no marketing strategy analysis chart, no cappuchino, just this video.
The state official in charge, visibly delighted to see something different than her usual business, looked at us and said: “Wonderful, we are looking forward to work with you and your students!”

In and out in 20 minutes – wonderful!



My favourite 5

This is a selection of 5 of the 25 videos that best show how we implemented, combined and improved the idea and style of the clips.